Kimala Bennett

Age   31
Title  Managing Director and Film Director
Company  The Business Lab & The Production Lab

Extremely goal orientated and solution driven, Kimala Bennett always loved telling a good story in a very creative way and, with the creation of both her companies, she now has the perfect avenue to do so.

In 2007, she founded The Production Lab with Melissa Llewellyn with the aim to produce high-quality video production in a fast turnover time and on budget. The company produces numerous television commercials.

"We ensure that we are always resourceful and efficient, keeping our clients happy," Bennett stated.

The Business Lab, established two years later, is a business solution company focusing on youth entrepreneurship. So far they have published the books "Starting a Business In Jamaica" and "The Young Entrepreneur's Handbook".

Both companies provide consistent full-time and contract employment for a number of persons.

Her keen business sense and drive for success has qualified Kimala to be recognised as one of the '50UnderFifty Business Leaders Shaping Jamaica's Future', launched in June by the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica and The Gleaner in celebration of Jamaica's 50th year of independence.

The initiative aims to honour 50 Jamaican business leaders under 50 years of age who, based on their current contributions to the business community and the country, are expected to make a significant impact on Jamaica's civic and business landscape in the foreseeable future.

For the 31-year-old, changing the mindset of the youth to focus heavily on entrepreneurship is one of the biggest contributions she can make to the development of the nation.

"Youth are now able to see entrepreneurship as a viable option, creating business models around their ideas, and to be more focused on finding solutions to problems. We also provide employment for a lot of youth," she stated.