Nicholas Scott

Age   32
Title  Chief Investment Officer, Investments and Financial Services
Company  Musson Group

Barely into his 30s, Nicholas Scott, Chief Investment Officer of Investments and Financial Services at Musson Group knows a thing or two about investments and finance.

The former Wall Street banker is responsible for managing selected investment portfolios in the Musson Group. He also spearheads a variety of financial transactions including: debt and equity financings, acquisitions, divestitures and public listings. Scott is also director of the financial service businesses - including General Accident, within the group. He was an investment banker and private equity investor at the prestigious Morgan Stanley and Blackstone Group in New York and Brazil.

"But I always wanted to return to Jamaica, bringing all my skills to building Jamaica, this is more meaningful to me." He said one of the greatest challenges in Musson is prioritising.

"That is, taking the resources we have, the most finite being time, and just trying to allocate and decide what's going to make the biggest impact to the bottomline in the quickest possible time," he said.

Musson (Jamaica) Limited is the successor to SP Musson Son and Company Limited, established 1820. It was one of the original six companies that formed Barbados Shipping and Trading Limited. The Jamaican arm was bought out by senior management, led by the late Desmond Blades. That led to Musson (Jamaica) Limited. Scott said he admired the group's values and lauded Blades for his disciplined investing which has been maintained by its current chairman.

"I always heard stories growing up about the much respected late Mr Blades. So it was really an honour to be a steward of that legacy," he said, adding that the current team includes young dynamic people like himself. Among them is current group Chairman and CEO P.B. Scott, COO Nigel Clarke (both fellow 50 under 50 awardees) and deputy chair Melanie Subratie. Scott also names businessmen William McConnell and Joseph M. Matalon among his other influences both of whom he was fortunate enough to serve with as a Vice President of the PSOJ for the last three years.

"What drives me to succeed is to make a lasting contribution that, at the end of my career, will be a testimony to excellence in values and principles." He likened it to laying small bricks that can build a monument to hard work, excellence, innovation, and wealth creation." Scott feels that Musson will continue to build on its legacy of investing in high quality companies and being even more diverse globally. And, in the future he sees himself continuing to be among those working hard to build Musson.