Noel Sloley Jr.

Age   42
Title  Vice-President, Sales and Marketing
Company  Jamaica Tours Limited

Noel Soley Jr places a lot of value on good relationships, the personal touch, and delivering the best at all times. Growing up in a tour-operations business, he learned from his mid-teens that the key to success is a focus on quality, bearing in mind the needs of clients working with vital stakeholders.

For 20 years, Sloley has been part of Jamaica Tours Limited, a company started by his parents that has grown from a 15-member team to the largest tour operator in Jamaica, employing more than 300 persons, touching all aspects of Jamaican tourism. It is true that young Sloley grew up in the family business, but some would say he needed more than a little persuasion to put his vibrancy, analytical skills, and personal touch to something he does naturally.

Cornwall College should take credit for shaping Sloley Jr's early life, but when the late Dr Dudley Stokes moved to Belair in Manchester, that institution and the late intellectual's pull were too great. Despite the change of environment and Dr Stokes' strong influence, Sloley Jr only knew that he wanted to make a difference, he just did not know how. That answer came when he read for his first degree in hospitality management at Florida International University. That was the genesis of the dream of growing a first-class tour company with a wide reach, and deep market penetration began.

For the last 15 years, Sloley Jr has applied knowledge, bought experience and guidance to doing his part in deconstructing Jamaica Tours' operations, applying appropriate technology, building the right team, and scaling up for growth. That growth has put Jamaica Tours at the forefront in a vital industry with a fleet and a team using cutting-edge technology second to none.

Looking at it all, Sloley Jr gives a nod to his father as the mentor with the greatest influence. In him he has found the formula to improve on success, avoid pitfalls, and negotiate monumental challenges. Nothing pleases him more than to win the trust of clients who travel thousands of miles and leave the tours and transportation aspect of their enjoyment to the team at Jamaica Tours.