Patrick Hylton

Age   49
Title  Group Managing Director
Company  National Commercial Bank

He leads the number-one bank in Jamaica. He will be the first to tell you that he was an accidental banker. Yet, Patrick Hylton is now the managing director of the National Commercial Bank Group (NCB). Fresh out of Glenmiur High School, the former head boy applied for a holiday job at Scotiabank May Pen West. Young Hylton got the job unexpectedly and, at the end of summer, decided against taking up two dream offers in engineering at Jamaica Public Service and Alcoa (now Jamalco).

That was the beginning of a long odyssey that included being a rotten trainee teller (cash out of balance taking lodgements only), a materially struggling but determined banking student and man of integrity, brave enough to blow the whistle on a bank - Blaise Trust & Merchant - that he found insolvent only days after being installed in a cushy job. The story would continue with his landmark stint at FINSAC where, at age 34, Hylton was left in charge of an organisation about which the history is still being written. He took charge of NCB and in 2004 boldly predicted number-one status! By 2010 that was a reality.

Hylton is regarded as inspirational leader, a necessary trait to be able to turn around a bank that was rescued from the '90s financial meltdown to its number-one status today. His primary source of influence was a hard-working disciplinarian father who was a policeman and a cheerleading, inspirational mother, Tekla Hylton, a teacher. He recalled how his father would be revving up the family car and leaving any straggler stranded at exactly 7.15 every morning. Once on the journey, Tekla would hand the budding leader a piece of paper with a quotable quote or an inspirational verse for discussion later.

Those same quotes have been poured out lavishly on people who have come under his charge. He gets them to stick to the objective by reminding them that, "it's not where you're coming from, it's where you're going and how you get there". He demands high performance standards by insisting that 'success requires no explanation, failure presents no alibis'. Therefore, while Hylton is known for a hearty laugh or a witty comment, he changes like the weather when it's time to deliver.