Paul Scott

Age   37
Title  Chairman/CEO
Company  Musson Group

A look at Paul Scott's work background leads you to one place, The Musson Group. "I have worked at Musson since I left school," Scott revealed. "I was extremely lucky to have spent my formative years in the business working alongside our former chairman, Desmond Blades, who was extremely patient in training me when I was younger," he said. It is not surprising that Scott has risen to the top of the prestigious group, serving as Chairman and CEO.

"I am responsible for the performance of the group and all its subsidiaries. These include Facey Group (whose CEO, Nigel Clarke, is a fellow awardee), Musson Group, General Accident Insurance Company, T. Geddes Grant Distributors among others," he explained. He has led Musson's regional expansion into telecommunications and business solutions while it continued its growth in the areas of financial services, consumer goods, distribution and manufacturing.

"We have an excellent team throughout the group and it is a real privilege to be able to lead such a team," he said.

"The business has grown considerably over the last 10 years, as we have developed the leading telecom and IT distribution companies in the region (Facey Telecom and Productive Business Solutions)," he said. Scott stated that from this growth, the group has experienced many different scenarios and learnt from them.

"I have been inspired by many others who have grown throughout the region and it has been a privilege to have worked with some of them in their own expansions." But despite Musson's success, Scott is not resting on his laurels. He is driven to keep succeeding.

"We need to continue to grow our principal businesses, that is, our distribution partners. This is a continuous task involving continuous improvements. The mission will not end as we need to continue to grow their businesses. I see the company continuing to grow," he said.

On a personal note, he plans to enjoy family and "enjoy working with the great team we have at Musson".