Philip Armstrong

Age   46
Title   Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Company  Pan Caribbean Financial Services Limited

He studied avionics but Philip Armstrong ditched the volatility of the field of aviation for the financial industry. He began that journey 19 years ago as an equity derivatives trader at the European bank, Société Générale. Five years on, he returned to Jamaica in 1998 to join Citibank as a Manager in the Treasury Division.

During his four-year tenure at Citibank, he was promoted to Resident Vice-President and led Citi's derivatives business, closing some first-of-its-kind transactions in Jamaica. In 2002, he joined Manufacturers Sigma, now Pan Caribbean Financial Services (PCFS), as a Vice-President, and has been the Deputy Chief Executive Officer since 2008. He was asked to lead PanCaribbeanBank as its Managing Director in 2010 and, in 2012, was appointed a Director of PCFS.

Armstrong is a goal-oriented trailblazing inspirational leader who encourages self-determination and innovation among his team members. One famous last quote from Armstrong as he fires up the team is: "You are complaining to me about the absence of a path for you to travel ... I'm telling you to create your own". Still, Armstrong is the biggest cheerleader as he guides his team towards accomplishments. He emphasises health above all else, noting that, once there is health, his team will win.

Armstrong can name many persons who have inspired and influenced his accomplishments, chief among them being Dennis Cohen and Peter Melhado for helping him develop his emotional intelligence, a vital tool in any modern leader's tool kit. He is constantly looking for new heights to climb and new boundaries to cross. In the last 12 months he has climbed 14,000 feet above sea level and has done a three-day basic training programme fashioned around United States Navy Seal principles. With that accomplished, Armstrong maintains that no task is too daunting and no goal is unattainable.