Rezworth Bains-Burchenson

Age   39
Title  Managing Director
Company  Prime Asset Management Limited

His friends and associates call him Rez. Work colleagues and those in the industry call him Mr Pension. Rezworth Burchenson started his finance profession at Sigma Investments Ltd in 1995 as an investment analyst, with subsequent promotions to equity/research manager and to vice-president and general manager at the merged Pan Caribbean Asset Management Limited, managing Jamaica's largest unit trust valued at over J$6 billion (US$100 million).

In early 2006, he joined Prime Asset Management Limited as its managing director, responsible for the strategic development of Prime which currently manages more than J$20 billion (US$220 million) of pension assets. He regularly contributes pensions and investment articles to The Gleaner and has done various speaking engagements on these subjects over the years.

Burchenson lives and breathes pension matters. Those around him at work tell of a caring, accommodating leader who never compromises when it comes to getting the best for pension funds and his clients. He is aggressive at maximising returns, often going the extra mile. That makes him a hard taskmaster who relies on results and accepts no excuses. Many describe him as being knowledgeable and passionate about sharing this knowledge and its benefits.

Burchenson speaks excitedly about the Sigma days. His early job influence came from a group comprised of Sandra Shirley, Colin Steele, Allan Lewis and Jason Abrahams, who made sure that his exposure was broad, his immersion deep and his passion penetrating. That group and others made sure that the young Barclays Bank scholar was fully exposed and his talents utilised.

Questioned about the source of his appetite for high standards, Burchenson points to the influence of lawyer father Oswald, and school principal mom Valerie Burchenson. They made sure that their young son was focused and high-achieving in their Dallas Castle home. A report card with 6 As and one B would still attract questions from an enquiring father while mom's 'rod of correction' was never far away.

Burchenson finds time to serve with the Human Resource Management Association, Pension Funds Association, the Jamaica Stock Exchange, and others. He also mentors boys at his alma mater Wolmer's High School. Being a caring husband and a doting dad to the three women in his life, helps to make this passionate, driven, Jamaican man complete.