Solomon Sharpe

Age   43
Title  Chief Executive Officer
Company   Main Event Entertainment Limited

Having played football at every level except national, it's clear Solomon Sharpe loves the game.

And he has used that passion and preparation skills to make Main Event one of the top entertainment industry's entities.

"Every major project I call together a huddle. We plan our strategy, map out what we want to do and the end result we want to achieve," he said. He likened a football team's performance to the product they deliver; it has to please the fans.

"I think football/sports in general is what has made me who I am in business today." As a racehorse trainer, owner and breeder, Sharpe said there are similarities in trying to understand horses and consumers.

"A horse can't tell you it's hurting because it can't speak but there are signs. Just like there are signs with consumers. It's how you bring all these things together to make sure that you deliver that optimum product, value and service." His first foray into the industry was forming RAS Promotions in 1990 with current Boys' Town coach Andrew Price, and Main Event's 'bean counter' Richard Beir.

"We revolutionised the whole party business. We like to boast that we brought Stone Love uptown. We changed the platform and the landscape." Sharpe said he's serious on loyalty and lauded Beir whom he's known for 25 years. Still using football analogies, he calls him 'the goalkeeper', client services department being 'the midfield', that keeps everything connected.

"We work for our clients. We submerge ourselves into their brand, I feel like we're representing them." He said his mantra has always been to help people and he was a keen organiser early in life.

"I never shy away from a leadership position, said the Campion College grad who also studied at Tiffin University in Ohio. Despite advice not to, Sharpe returned home, his first job at Desnoes and Geddes. He spent nine years, his last post as display and sponsorship manager. "That set me up for what I'm doing today." A degree in management specialising in marketing and sports management was also quite handy.

Main Event officially started eight years ago, the name coming from former employee, the late Monique Geourzoung. He said it's more than an event planning company.

"I want Main Event to be a legend. We don't see boundaries, we have an undying approach to continue to deliver."