Storm Saulter

Age   29
Title  Film-maker
Company  New Caribbean Cinema

Named in honour of an actual storm that heralded his birth, Storm Saulter fell in love with the film industry while living in Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

After studying cinematography and editing at the Los Angeles Film School, he worked in the industry in both Los Angeles and New York before returning to Jamaica to start an independent film movement.

A partner in the Flashpoint Film Festival, founded by his parents, Saulter is the name behind the critically acclaimed, multi-award winning Better Mus Come that has taken the independent film industry by storm as a landmark in Caribbean film-making.

"I think this will be considered the next great Jamaican film to Harder They Come," declared Saulter.

A driven young man, he was among a number of independent film producers who founded the New Caribbean Cinema in 2010, a film collective organisation focused on producing high-quality films and commercials on a low budget. Ring Di Alarm is their first feature film, made up of seven short stories by different directors all set in Jamaica. In September, it had its world premiere in London, England, at the British Film Institute, and now heads to the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival.

The 29-year-old is one of the '50UnderFifty Business Leaders Shaping Jamaica's Future', a Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica/Gleaner collaboration to mark Jamaica's 50th year of Independence.

A graduate of Mannings High School, Saulter, who was always drawn to art and approaches everything with an open mind, said New Caribbean Cinema is very uncompromising in its approach to film production.

"There are not that many film-makers here making films at the level that we are and operating in that unified way. The quality of our work is definitely superior and we have been able to create some very high-quality work inexpensively," he stated.

Saulter believes the creative industry is an emerging market that will have a lucrative impact on Jamaica's economy.

"This is a very inspiring and encouraging industry and offers a lot of room for growth," he stated.