Zachary Harding

Age  38
Title   Managing Director
Company  Agency 20Seven

Zachary Harding is a dynamic marketer with a reputation for innovation and a track record of success. He sees marketing as a fascinating social science capable of transforming human behaviour when the right emotional triggers are applied.

With a passion for growing world-class brands, Harding recently started his own strategic marketing firm, Agency 20Seven, an advertising, marketing, and new media company. Through a team of 27 locally and internationally based affiliates, he has created a unique framework for the expert management of clients' varied business objectives.

Harding's career spans various senior management positions at companies such as Appliance Traders, Wisynco Group, Red Stripe (Diageo), and GraceKennedy. But from an early age, he wanted to become a lawyer/ businessman.

He attended Ashbury College in Ontario, Canada, where he gained exposure to the rest of the world. "Meeting people from around the world opened my eyes," Harding said. But he opted to return to Jamaica and attend the University of the West Indies (UWI).

However, after a year, he abandoned his earlier desire to become a lawyer for the entertainment industry. Harding's appetite for marketing began at Dunlop Corbin and Marketing Counselors; "That got me excited and taught me much of what I know now," Harding said.

Added to his qualifications from the University of New Orleans in sales and marketing and the Institute of Management and Production, he gleaned valuable insights from industry giants. Harding also served for two years with the Ministry of Tourism and the Jamaica Tourist Board as adviser to the Minister of Tourism, with special responsibilities for marketing. He also served as Deputy Director of Tourism.

"I wouldn't change anything about how my life has been. I believe every challenge and every obstacle was for a reason," Harding said.

Harding has served on several boards including the St. Ann Development Company, the Urban Development Corporation of Jamaica, the National Education Trust, and Independent Radio Company Ltd.