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New Look Birth Death and Marriage Certificates

The Registrar General's Department will introduce computer generated certificates on May 7, 2001.

Branch Closures

The RGD Head Office and three Regional Offices will close April 23 - May 4, 2001 to make arrangements for the new certificates. During this time you may send applications by mail or courier. These will be processed on the Ordinary System and we will mail them to you.

Here's What You Should Know!

As of May 7, there will be a change in our services. There will be only three services:

  • Seven day pay and leave -( pay for the service and then come and pick up certificate)
  • Same day express and
  • Ordinary service (2-4 weeks processing time + two weeks for mailing)

The RGD will process applications made before April 23 and mail/hand-deliver them to you.
Certificates produced before May 7 will still be valid after this date
There will be no increase in fees at this time.

New Features

look out for the brand
new RGD, Monday, May 7, 2001

New Look Certificates
New Look Foyer
New Standby Generator



What if you have a genuine emergency during the closed period?

Call our Special Services Unit
Registrar General's Department
Twickenham Park
St. Catherine
Tel: 943-9617
Fax: 749-6548
E-Mail: information@rgd.gov.jm
Website: http://www.rgd.gov.jm


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