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Incident-free day at PNP presidential elections

Published:Saturday | February 25, 2006 | 4:35 PM

Robert Lalah, Staff Reporter

The election for the new president of the People\'s National Party (PNP) went by without any major incident today.

The police were out in large numbers keeping traffic flowing as best as possible. Despite this, however, traffic along Hope Road was backed up for miles during the hours that the voting took place. The Commissioner of Police, Lucius Thomas, visited Jamaica College in the afternoon to ensure that all was well.

Supporters used the slightest traces of fatigue on the faces of the candidates, or members of their camps, to predict the outcome of the election.

\"Maxine Henry-Wilson not smiling at all. She must get some bad news. That mean Portia gone clear!\" shouted one man running out of Phillips\' camp from about 10 o\'clock this morning.

Another woman was heard saying that she saw Paul Burke, Mrs. Simpson-Miller\'s campaign manager, wiping sweat from his brow. \"Heh, heh! Mr. Burke a sweat. You know what dat mean! Phillips gone!\"

All this took place long before the announcement was made, with supporters of respective camps insisting that they would have the final laugh at 6 o\'clock.