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Jamaican freed of bomb charges in Orlando

Published:Thursday | June 18, 2009 | 6:17 PM

Jamaican national, Kevin Christopher Brown, was released from jail in Orlando, Florida on Monday, June 15, according to a report on South Florida Caribbean He was released without a trial, according to his attorney, also a Jamaican national, Wayne Golding.

Mr. Brown, a former United States (US) Army veteran, was detained at the Orlando International Airport, in April last year, for attempting to carry what was described as bomb components aboard Air Jamaica\'s flight 80 from Orlando to Montego Bay. He was subsequently charged in US Federal Court with attempting to bring an explosive or incendiary device on an airplane.

Mr. Wayne Golding said that he argued successfully before a judge that Brown had not committed the offence for which he was being accused and was subsequently incarcerated unfairly awaiting trial. In a statement to Jamaica Information Service (JIS) News, Mr. Golding said that the \"US Government conceded in open court that they could not prove charges that the items carried by Mr. Brown constituted an explosive or incendiary device.\"

Attorney Golding continued that Mr. Brown, a resident of the US is not expected to face deportation on his release. \"Presently, he has been reunited with his family and will be able to spend Father\'s Day with his son whom he has not seen for 14 months.\"