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Worldwise boss in court

Published:Friday | June 26, 2009 | 8:39 AM

A default judgment has been entered against Noel Strachan, the owner and director of investment scheme Worldwise Partners Limited for US$500 thousand allegedly owed to an investor.

A defence was not filed in response to the case, which is being heard in the Supreme Court.

As a result lawyers representing businessman Hurshel Cyrus applied for a default judgment.

However Strachan applied to have the judgment set aside.

He contended that he was off the island last year at the time it was alleged that he was served with the claim form.

Acting Supreme Court Judge Carol Edwards heard legal arguments in chambers and ruled that there was no evidence before her to substantiate Strachan\'s claim that he was not served.

Attorney-at-law Christopher Townsend who is representing Strachan said yesterday that another application would be filed for the default judgment to be set aside.

He said Strachan is maintaining that he was out of the jurisdiction at the time of the alleged service and therefore could not be served.

Townsend said the issue as to whether the money is owed is being seriously contested.

Yesterday the lawyers representing Cyrus said they would be taking immediate steps to recover the money.

They said Cyrus would be applying for a writ to have Strachan\'s assets seized and sold.

The lawyers said caveats would be lodged against any properties Strachan had to prevent him from disposing of them.