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UK visa fees hiked in Jamaica

Published:Friday | July 3, 2009 | 8:31 AM

The British High Commission has announced significant increases in the application fees for UK visas.

Some of the new fees are almost twice what currently exist.

In a release last night, the British High Commission said the new fees will take effect on Monday, July 6.

It will now cost $10,700 for a six-month or a single entry UK visitor’s visa application.

The cost of a 5-year visitors visa application moves to $64,000 while it will now cost $80,000 for a 10-year multiple entry visa.

The British High Commission also says it will now cost $93,600 for a settlement visa.

Full Fee Listing and Requirements:

Handling fee for Commonwealth and Overseas Territories applications - $5,700

Forwarding fee for Commonwealth and Overseas Territories UK Overseas Territories -$10,100

Direct Airside Transit (DAT)/ Visitors in Transit/

Join ship or aircraft - $7,400

Visit - single and multiple visits up to 6 months - $10,700

Visit - long term multiple visits 5 years - $64,000

Visit - long term multiple visits 10 years -$80,000

PBS Tier 1 General, Investor & Entrepreneur -$108,000

PBS Tier 1 Transitional-$40,000

PBS Tier 1 Post Study Applicant/PBS Tier 2 Skilled Worker - $42,400

Visit – longer term multiple visits valid for 1 or 2 years/Visa for other purpose, including employment/Certificate of Entitlement to right

of abode -$34,400

PBS Tier 4 Student and child student-$23,200

PBS Tier 5 Temporary Worker & Youth Mobility Scheme/Permit free visas for entertainers, voluntary workers and sports persons -$20,000

Settlement; marriage (fiancé(e)-$93,600

Vignette transfer- $12,000

Consular rate of exchange: £1 = J$160

The UK Embassy says:

\"We are aware that in the current economic climate the sterling rate of exchange is volatile and is fluctuating daily. The visa and consular fees in Jamaica are set using our corporate rate of exchange and are reviewed regularly.

Dependants are charged the same as the main applicant. All dependants who are travelling must pay the fee whether or not they are included in the main applicant\'s passport.

Fees are payable in Jamaican Dollars and are subject to periodic review.

The fee is charged to cover the cost of processing an application. If an application is refused, the fee is not refundable.

There is no charge for Family member of an EEA national/Swiss national.

A charge will be made for transferring vignettes between passports. This fee will apply for each individual passport to which a vignette is transferred.\"