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Jamaican prisoner fights against deportation

Published:Friday | August 7, 2009 | 12:45 PM

A Jamaican prisoner in the United Kingdom has been given a third opportunity to prove that she’s a lesbian as she fights a deportation order.

The Daily Mail reports that the woman is insisting that she is genuinely in love with her partner and that to send her back to Jamaica would be a violation of her human rights.

She is also said to be claiming that homosexuals often face persecution here.

The woman has been granted legal aid to help to determine whether she is truly a lesbian or if she is trying to manipulate the system.

The Daily Mail reports that he UK Home Office is claiming that the Jamaican is colluding with an English woman to escape deportation.

The Jamaican was jailed for conspiring to supply class drugs.

She has claimed that she was raped as a child in Jamaica and fled the country to escape criminal gangs.

However the court has rejected that claim as untrue.