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Lottery scammers target UK

Published:Thursday | December 17, 2009 | 12:21 PM

The Organised Crime Investigation Division (OCID) is reporting that Jamaican lottery scammers have now redirected their schemes to the United Kingdom.

Jamaica lottery scammers operating primarily from Montego Bay, St James have been known to target US citizens.

However, the head of the Organised Crime division, Superintendent Fitz Bailey said new information has indicated that the lottery scam is now affecting Britons.

Meanwhile, Britain\'s Office of Fair Trading has issued a warning to guard against the lottery scammers.

Both the UK Office of Fair Trading and the Serious Organised Crime Agency say a number of Britons have already lost thousands of pounds in the scam.

According to the agencies, fraudsters based in Jamaica are making unsolicited telephone calls to tell people that they have won up to $2.5 million pounds.

The victims are then told that, in order to receive their winnings they must send money to pay the related taxes, fees, insurance or customs duties.

Information from the UK Office of Fair Trading indicates that each year, lottery scams cost the British public an estimated $260 million pounds.

It says from January to September this year it received 4,000 complaints about lottery scams.