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CAFFE satisfied with minister’s statement ...

Published:Tuesday | December 11, 2007 | 12:27 PM

Citizens Action For Free and Fair Elections (CAFFE) are concerned that the apology from the state minister with responsibility for Local Government Robert Montague came one week after his statement was made.

Mr. Montague told supporters at a rally in Portland that the roads at Friendship would not be fixed if the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) councilor was not elected to the council.

Yesterday, Mr. Montague released a statement in which he acknowledged that his utterances have embarrassed the government.

He also said they run counter to the principles of good governance and that he has learnt a valuable lesson from the incident.

Director of CAFFE, Nancy Anderson, says she is satisfied with what the minister had to say in his apology. But she said the apology should have been tendered earlier.

Mr. Montague’s statement followed a similar statement by another JLP state minister, Everald Warmington.

CAFFE had called on the two ministers to resign their positions. However up to yesterday there was no word from Mr. Warmington regarding the issue.

Ms. Anderson expressed concern that state minister, Everald Warmington has remained silent.