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Smokers to pay more for cigarettes tomorrow

Published:Thursday | December 31, 2009 | 9:24 AM

Cigarette manufacturer, Carreras Limited has published the new prices for cigarettes arising from the recently announced increase in Special Consumption Tax (SCT) which takes effect tomorrow.

On December 17, the government announced that the SCT on cigarettes would be increased from $8,500 per 1,000 sticks to $10,500.

The measure is expected to yield $1.4 billion in revenue for the government.

As of tomorrow a carton of the Craven “A” and Matterhorn brands will now cost $4,950.

The price for Dunhill and Rothmans moves to $5,550 per carton.

The suggested retail price per 20 pack of Craven A and Matterhorn is $580, while the 20 pack of Dunhill Lights, Full Flavour and Menthol brands are to be sold for $650.

A 20 pack of Craven A was previously sold for an average $500.

The 10 pack of Craven A and Matterhorn will sell for $290 and the Dunhill Full Flavour and Menthol for $325.50.

All prices will include GCT.

Carreras said it expects that a stick of cigarette will now sell for an average price of $30.

The government has said that 20 per cent of the expected revenue from the increased SCT on cigarettes will go to the National Health Fund.