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Another kidnapping in Clarendon

Published:Thursday | February 18, 2010 | 9:12 AM

The Clarendon police are investigating another case of kidnapping in the parish.

Investigators say they are following strong leads into the kidnapping of a three-year-old boy in Frankfield, Clarendon.

The little boy, who was kidnapped on Sunday, has since been returned home.

The police say he was in the company of his aunt when a man travelling in a white car took him away.

The kidnaper reportedly demanded $500,000 in ransom for the safe return of the boy.

But he was only paid $4,000 and a gold chain.

The boy was not harmed.

Last Wednesday, a 16-year-old girl was kidnapped from a taxi on her way to school also in Clarendon.

She was safely returned to her family two days later after a ransom was paid.

The police tried to accost the kidnappers in that incident but in the process two detectives from the Organised Crime Investigation Division were shot and injured by the members of the Clarendon police.

These incidents followed the kidnapping of the son of a Clarendon-based politician last year.

He too was returned after hundreds of thousands of dollars was paid in ransom.