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Stakeholders want public talks on Abortion

Published:Tuesday | December 11, 2007 | 4:59 PM

A group of concerned stakeholders has written to Prime Minister Bruce Golding regarding promised consultations on the issue of abortion.

The group involves representatives from the Lawyers Christian Fellowship, Family Life Ministries, the Jamaica Association of Evangelicals, the Archdiocese of Kingston and concerned medical doctors.

In today’s Gleaner, the group noted that the Health Minister Rudy Spencer, will tabled a report in Parliament from the Committee set up to review the issue, without the promised public consultations.

Under the Peoples’ National Party (PNP) administration, an Abortion Policy Review Advisory Group chaired by Dr. Wynante Patterson was set up to re-examine the issue of abortion. While in office a report was submitted to Former Health Minister, Horace Dalley.

The current Health Minister Rudyard Spencer had earlier indicated that he would be tabling a report and would ask that it be referred to the Select Committee on Human Resources and Social Development for its consideration.