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Update -Two gunmen killed in Western Kingston

Published:Monday | March 15, 2010 | 6:17 PM

Sections of Western Kingston have remained tense this afternoon following heavy gunfire between police and gunmen which have left three policemen nursing injuries and two gunmen dead.

A heavy contingent of police and military personnel is now in the communities.

In a statement this afternoon, the police say their team was met with heavy and sustained gunfire from a number of gunmen in the Hannah Town and Denham Town communities.

The statement says the attack on the police follows an operational initiative to capture two known gunmen, who were hiding close to the border of Hannah Town and Denham Town.

The police say a Glock pistol and a ballistic vest have been recovered from the two gunmen who were shot.

One of the injured policemen was shot in the hand, one in the leg and back and one in the neck.

However, they’re are all said to be in stable condition and were visited in hospital by the acting commissioner of police, Owen Ellington.

The police are also advising that they have deployed sufficient personnel to manage the situation.