Tue | Jun 2, 2020

Flights to resume

Published:Monday | April 19, 2010 | 6:55 PM

The European Union has decided to modify a flight ban, which was imposed after much of Europe\'s airspace was closed because of the spread of volcanic ash from Iceland.

Airline chiefs had lambasted officials over the flight ban.

However, European transport ministers say there will now be a core no-fly zone, another zone open to all flights and a third caution zone, which will allow some flights.

The United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Belgium have also said they would begin to reopen airspace.

Meanwhile, the airline industry said its losses have soared over 740 million euros since much of Europe\'s airspace was closed five days ago because of the spread of ash.

The restrictions were imposed amid fears the ash, a mixture of glass, sand and rock particles from the volcano could damage aircraft engines.