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Downtown normal, Tivoli blocked

Published:Tuesday | May 18, 2010 | 5:15 PM

While business places in some sections of downtown Kingston,Jamaica reopened today, blockades remained in the west Kingston community of Tivoli Gardens, the reported home of Christopher Coke.

When our news team visited Tivoli Gardens, most entrances to the community were blocked with debris as persons prepared for what many fear will be an attempt by the security forces to remove the man they call \'President\' or \'Shortman\'.

Along Pechon Street, Spanish Town Road, and Industrial Terrace the barricades were unmanned but the young men standing nearby appeared to be on patrol.

In nearby Denham Town, several roads were also blocked although the main road, North Street remained clear.

In other sections of downtown Kingston, it was nearly business as usual.

After the panic yesterday when reports spread of possible mayhem because of the government\'s decision to sign the extradition request for Christopher Coke, persons were slow to return to the popular shopping area, although vendors took up their usual spots.

However by mid-morning, when it became clear that radio reports of marauding gunmen and several blocked roads were exaggerated business operators opened their doors and shoppers hit the roads.

However, it was clear that business operators and streetside vendors were ready to pack up and rush out at the first sign of trouble.