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CSEC results dismal

Published:Friday | December 14, 2007 | 7:28 AM

Analysis of the 2007 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC), reveal that Jamaican students continue to under perform in the regional exam.

Education advocate and businessman, Dr. Ralph Thompson, conducted the analysis.

Mr. Thompson found that 89 percent of students in non-traditional high schools failed English Language, while 37 percent of students in traditional high schools failed the subject.

The situation was even worse when an analysis of the math scores were done. 96 percent of students from non-traditional high schools failed math, while 59 percent in traditional schools failed the subject.

81 percent of students in technical schools failed English while 90 percent failed Mathematics.

In his recommendations, Mr. Thomas stated that at least 11 percent of the education budget must go towards early childhood education to reduce the failure rates.

He also recommended that there should be an education policy specifically for non-traditional high schools.

Mr. Thomas claims that the crucial problem with the education system lies in the non-traditional high schools, which appear to have the highest failure rates.