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Christie rejects criticism by former permanent secretary

Published:Monday | June 28, 2010 | 5:31 PM

The contractor general has rejected the criticisms by the former permanent secretary in the information, youth and culture ministry following his probe into the award of contracts for the week of celebration for Jamaica’s Olympians.

The former permanent secretary, Faith Innerarity has denied that there was impropriety in the award of contracts.

She also said every dollar that was spent has been accounted for but says there were instances of what she calls glitches.

However, the contractor general, Greg Christie is maintaining that the ministry failed to implement a satisfactory system to ensure accountability, transparency and impartiality in the award and implementation of the contracts.

The contractor general also says he stands fully behind his 142-page report into the award of contracts for the Olympic celebrations.

Christie says he is disappointed that Innerarity was not as forthcoming regarding the details of report as she should have been.

According to him, the report reveals a litany of proven breaches in Innerarity’s ministry.

One of the issues of contention is the award of a $15 million contract to Jambiz International to provide consultancy and management services.

Innerarity is contending that the contract was for artistic and/or cultural services and was therefore exempt from the Government’s Procurement Rules.

However, the contractor general is maintaining that the contract should have been approved by the Cabinet and the National Contract Commission (NCC) before it was awarded.