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Published:Thursday | April 20, 2006 | 1:12 PM

September 23, 1998

Detained for questioning on suspicion of attempted murder, wounding with intent, and illegal possession of a firearm. The event sparks a riot; a soldier is killed.

September 24, 1998

Fingered in an identification parade.

September 25, 1998

Gets $250,000 bail in the Gun Court. He was charged with illegal possession of firearm, wounding with intent, and attempted murder.

March 1, 1999

Trial begins in Supreme Court.

March 2, 1999

\'Zekes\' is acquitted. A no-case submission brought by his lawyer, K. Churchill Neita.

May 5, 1999

Is charged with malicious destruction of property and two counts of assault, after two men are held and beaten, after they were allegedly caught extorting money in the don\'s name.

June 21, 1999

Case against \'Zekes\' adjourned sine die when he appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate\'s Court.

May 2000

A cold war begins between Matthew\'s Lane and Tivoli Gardens.

November 19, 2001

Fails to attend a peace meeting between Matthew\'s Lane and Tel Aviv. The meeting was called, after war broke out between both communities, resulting in at least seven deaths.

May 1, 2003

Called to the Central Kingston Police Station for a \'meeting\' about crime in Downtown Kingston.

October 13, 2004

Outbreak of violence takes place Downtown, after men, aligned to \'Zekes\', clash with men who defected from Matthew\'s Lane a few months earlier.

October 17, 2004

Detained after police raid his wholesale in Matthew\'s Lane and found $10 million, and illegal contraband.

October 18, 2004

Charged with illegal possession of ammunition, illegal possession of ganja, and breaches of the Pharmaceutical Act.

October 25, 2004

Is on $1.5 million bail.

January 12, 2005

Trial is set for March.

March 17, 2005

Warned after flouting his bail conditions.

April 16, 2005

The bodies of Dayton Williams and Leroy Farquharson are found partially burnt on Rose Lane, Downtown, Kingston.

May 18, 2005

Detained for questioning in connection with the bodies found. Residents run behind the armoured car calling for his release.

May 27, 2005

In court for unlawful possession of $18 million found in his uptown home. He is remanded in custody.

June 1, 2005

Appears in the Corporate Area Gun Court on murder charges.

November 3, 2005

Police called in to quell violence Downtown, after supporters of \'Zekes\' protest for his release.

December 15, 2005

Trial date set for January 12, 2006.

April 12, 2006

Found guilty of double murder in Home Circuit Court. Will be sentenced on April 20. Trial for unlawful possession of money, obstructing electricity, and possession of ganja is to begin on April 19.