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Shelly- Ann Fraser escapes ban

Published:Wednesday | September 8, 2010 | 5:12 PM

Jamaican Olympic and World Champion Shelly-Ann Fraser has escaped a mandatory two-year ban after the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) agreed with the Jamaica Amateur Athletic Association's (JAAA) authorities that circumstances around her case were exceptional and did not merit such a punishment.

The 23-year-old, tested positive for a non- performance enhancement prohibitive substance, Oxycodone, at a Diamond League meet in Shanghai, China.

The JAAA tribunal will now meet to determine what sanctions are to be handed down to Fraser.

Fraser in May, gave her account of the events which led to her positive test at a three-member JAAA disciplinary panel hearing headed by former chief justice, Lensley Wolfe.

Fraser, in media reports prior to the hearing, said she took a painkiller for a tooth condition prior to the meet. However, as per procedure, she failed to report it on the meet's drug testing form. The painkiller, according to reports, was Oxycodone.

While not a performance-enhancing drug or masking agent, as per IAAF rules, the drug is on the World Anti-Doping Agency list of drugs which must be declared by an athlete prior to competition.

In the meanwhile Bobby Gaye Wilkins received a two year ban for a banned substance.

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