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Policeman arrested for possession of four illegal firearms

Published:Monday | December 17, 2007 | 9:30 AM

St. James police have arrested one of their colleagues for possession of four illegal firearms.

It is reported that yesterday the constable, who is attached to the Area One Flying Squad, called for assistance to apprehend two men who were seen acting suspiciously in Bogue Village.

On their arrival, the police reportedly conducted a search of the policeman’s vehicle and found his licensed firearm, a home-made handgun, a Smith & Wesson pistol, and two Smith & Wesson revolvers.

The police constable claimed that he was tipped off about the whereabouts of the weapons.

He told his colleagues that he was on his way to hand the guns to the Freeport Police Station, when he saw the two men acting suspiciously, accosted them and called for assistance.

The policeman and the two men were taken into custody.

Reports are that the constable was recently interdicted after discharging his firearm during a wake held in honour of a fallen colleague.