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Shahine Robinson to be sworn in today

Published:Tuesday | January 11, 2011 | 9:21 AM

Shahine Robinson is to be sworn in as a Member of Parliament today, following her win in the North East St. Ann by-election on December 20.

She’s expected to be sworn in by Governor General, Sir Patrick Allen, at King’s House at 1 p.m.

Last year, Robinson was booted from the House after admitting she was a United States citizen, which would have made her ineligible to sit in the House.

She later renounced her US citizenship and was cleared to run in a by-election against veteran Journalist Devon Evans, of the Marcus Garvey People's Political Party.

However, with just hours before Robinson returns to Gordon House, President of the Marcus Garvey People's Political Party, Michael Lorne, is still seeking to block her re-entry to Parliament.

Lorne, who is a lawyer, has indicated plans to file papers in court today seeking a declaration to determine whether Robinson was a Jamaican citizen when she was elected.

He claims. Robinson is not a Jamaican citizen as she renounced her citizenship when she pledged allegiance to the United States.

His claims have been dismissed by Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) General Secretary, Senator Aundre Franklyn, who says Lorne’s attempts to block Robinson from Parliament are mischievous.

Senator Franklyn says that for a Jamaican by birth who acquires citizenship of another country to lose his Jamaican citizenship, he must have made a voluntary declaration of renunciation to the Minister of National Security who is then required to cause the declaration to be registered.

He says only after that is done can someone be denied recognition as a citizen of Jamaica.

Senator Franklin says Robinson has submitted no such declaration to the Minister of National Security and, therefore, her Jamaican citizenship is not in question.