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Old boys prefer Champs to Quiz

Published:Friday | April 1, 2011 | 1:27 PM

Andre Lowe, Senior Staff Reporter

If you think that Kingston College faithfuls would be torn between winning Boy's and Girls' Champs, or the Schools' Challenge Quiz title (if they had to make a choice between the two) you are sorely mistaken.

Hours before KC and Titchfield High squared off in the School Challenge Quiz final, which KC won, fans of the North Street-based institution inside the National Stadium, made it quite clear which title they would much rather lift, if a choice was presented to them.

It was little surprise given that the question was posed largely to avid track and field enthusiasts.

However, it was interesting nonetheless to hear just what these championships mean to the purple-clad faithful.


Lenny Ramsay, who attended KC from 1974 – 1980, literally thought about it for a second before responding; “I would love to have a victory in Champs this year. Its more popular, there is more clout and it means more to more people I think.”


His friend Garfield Turnbull, nodded in agreement before stressing that while he believes the school values both academic and athletic success, he believes that success at Champs would carry greater significance for more of his fellow old boys.


“The school values both athletics and academics very highly and have always achieved despite the background of most of the students coming from a low socio- economic setting,” Turnbull said.


Donna McKenzie did not attend KC, but has been an avid supporter of the school for decades and even travels to Jamaica from her home in Maryland, USA every year, to cheer on the purple and whites. She too was more hopeful of a victory at Champs.


“I really would love for them to win both but if I had to choose, I am not against academics or anything, but if I really had to make a pick it would have to be Champs,” McKenie said.


There was however, one dissenting voice, 52 year-old Michael Campbell, who after what seemed like an eternal, internal battle, finally murmured; “We have won Champs many times, maybe I would prefer a victory at School Challenge Quiz if I had to pick one.”


Kingston College won their 10th Schools' Challenge Quiz title with a 33-11 victory over Titchfield High School and are 31 times holders of the Mortimer Geddes trophy.