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LOJ disappointed with Cabinet decision to re-tender

Published:Wednesday | December 19, 2007 | 7:53 AM

Insurance Company, Life of Jamaica (LOJ) said it is disappointed that Cabinet has decided to re-tender the public sector health scheme.

The company said the move extends the period that the $2 billion per year contract has not benefited from open bidding.

Recently, the Contractor-General, Greg Christie also said that the Government’s decision to again put the health-scheme contract to tender is perpetuating the illegal holding of the contract by current provider, Blue Cross of Jamaica.

Mr. Christie’s last annual report revealed that the GEASO contract, which is the single largest health insurance scheme in the country, was not put to tender for 10 consecutive years.

President and Chief Executive Officer of LoJ, Richard Byles said the company was surprised to hear that the contract would be re-tendered as it had observed every requirement of the bidding process. The company will again bid for the contract when a formal request to re-tender is issued.