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OCG rejects newspaper report

Published:Wednesday | June 8, 2011 | 1:39 PM

Damion Mitchell, News Editor

The Gleaner/Power 106

The Office of the Contractor General (OCG) has rejected a Jamaica Observer report that the OCG has approved the award of a government contract to American Firm Ernest Megginson, to manage a Liquefied Natural Gas project in Jamaica.

In the article carried in today’s edition, The Observer quoted a release from the contractor general as saying the contract is valued at US$426,000.

However, in a release today, the OCG said it does not endorse contracts.

The release asserted while the OCG is the Secretariat for the contractor general, and the National Contracts Commission, both the contractor general and the commission are independent, separate and distinct Commissions of Parliament.

The OCG also said the contractor general is solely responsible for monitoring and investigating the award and implementation of government contracts, licenses and permits and related matters.

According to the OCG, the National Contracts Commission is responsible for endorsing contracts.

Recently the contractor general recommended that the bidding process for an LNG project be scrapped because of irregularities.