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Danville back on the stand

Published:Thursday | December 20, 2007 | 1:59 PM

The Director of Elections, Danville Walker is now continuing his testimony in the Election Petition hearing against the West Portland Member of Parliament Daryl Vaz.

The losing People\'s National Party (PNP) candidate Abe Dabdoub brought the action against Mr. Vaz.

He is contending that Mr. Vaz was not properly elected because he is a United States citizen.

Yesterday, Mr. Walker had to be restrained outside the Supreme Court after he approached Mr. Dabdoub in a threatening manner.

In a short, heated conversation, the Director of Elections used expletives to Mr. Dabdoub.

Earlier Mr. Dabdoub’s lawyer questioned Mr. Walker about a telephone conversation that he had with the PNP candidate.

The conversation involved notices of disqualification, which were being circulated in West Portland before the September 3 General Election.

On leaving the courtroom during the luncheon adjournment, Mr. Walker remarked that Mr. Dabdoub should play the tape of the conversation if he had one.

Mr. Dabdoub then said Mr. Walker should stop politicising his office and commented further that Mr. Walker had become political.

The Director of Elections then engaged Mr. Dabdoub in the squabble, which ended when a female lawyer held his hand and led him away.