Sun | Sep 24, 2017

Transport ministry considers extending train, bus service to central Jamaica

Published:Sunday | August 28, 2011 | 8:22 PM

Consideration is now being given to extending train service to May Pen from Spanish Town, even as a limited service now operates between Spanish Town and Linstead.

A statement from the transport ministry said "the Jamaica Railway Corporation (JRC) is now actively exploring the option of extending the rail service to include the May Pen to Spanish Town route for the new school year".

Similarly, the ministry said the publicly-operated bus service is to be extended to Clarendon and Manchester as it attempts to provide more options to commuters in rural areas. The ministry did not say exactly when this will start.

The extension of train and public bus service to central Jamaica forms part of the Rural/Urban Transport Programme being developed by the Ministry of Transport as part of an overall Multi-Modal Transport Policy.

Under the scaled-down train service in St Catherine, the train will now operate with one trip in the morning from Linstead at 6:30 and arrive in Spanish Town at 7:15. The train will make a return trip at 6 p.m. to Linstead.

"Between now and the full start of the new school year, the rail service will be assessed in terms of the anticipated increase in commuter demands associated with the school system," the transport ministry said.