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Jamaica should refuse British aid- FAST

Published:Monday | October 31, 2011 | 9:30 AM

The convenor of the lobby group Families Against State Terrorism, Yvonne McCalla Sobers, said Jamaica should refuse UK aid if the Government is as concerned about legalising homosexuality as it claims.

British prime minister, David Cameron has threatened to withhold British aid from several Commonwealth countries with anti-gay legislation.

Cameron made the comment at the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Perth, Australia.

Last night, the justice minister Delroy Chuck said he could not comment on the issue because he had not seen the report.

However, successive governments have indicated that Jamaica will keep the buggery law.

Last night the convenor of FAST, Yvonne McCalla Sobers, said it was time for the Jamaican Government to respect the rights of all it citizens.

Human rights reform in the Commonwealth was one issue that leaders failed to agree on at the Commonwealth summit.

Ending bans on homosexuality was one of the recommendations of an internal report into the future relevance of the Commonwealth.