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Jamaican man pardoned

Published:Monday | December 24, 2007 | 9:37 AM

NEW YORK Governor Eliot Spitzer has pardoned a 54-year-old Jamaican man convicted of robbery 16 years ago.

The Governor says the pardon would spare the man from being deported to Jamaica. Frederick Lake lawfully entered the US in 1987.

He was facing deportation under a federal statute that calls for the removal of a lawful alien who is convicted of an aggravated felony.

In 1991 Mr. Lake was convicted of robbery. At his trial in 1991, three people testified that he committed the crime. In his defence, Mr. Lake produced airline tickets and passenger manifests that showed that he had flown to Jamaica several days before the robbery and returned months later.

Lake who maintained his innocence was released from prison in 1997. A judicial inquiry suggested that he might have been the victim of a wrong decision in the courts.

In offering pardon to Mr. Lake, the US governor said he had a perfect disciplinary record while in prison. He also said Mr. Lake had no other arrests or convictions during his lifetime.