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INDECOM probes Chestnut Lane shooting

Published:Friday | January 6, 2012 | 1:36 AM

Livern Barrett,Gleaner Writer

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM), has launched a probe into the controversial killing of a man, on Chestnut Lane in downtown Kingston yesterday.

INDECOM said the police report that 25-year-old Jeffrey Bailey was shot and killed, after he and another man fired at a police party that kicked in the front door, to the dwelling house they were occupying.

According to the police, Bailey was found suffering from gunshot wounds outside the house and was shot a second time, when he attempted to re-engage the police.

The other man escaped and it is reported that a pistol with three live rounds of ammunition was found at the scene.

The shooting sparked an angry protest by residents of the area, who blocked the road.

However in a statement last evening, INDECOM said the hands of Bailey and the police personnel involved in the incident have been swabbed and a photograph taken of the firearm allegedly seized.

INDECOM said its investigators have also recovered six spent casings.

INDECOM is urging anyone with information relating to this incident to call 968-8875, 968-1932 or 833-0972 and promises that all information will be kept