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Portfolios assigned to government ministers

Published:Friday | January 6, 2012 | 12:50 PM

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has announced Cabinet and Ministerial assignments, following today’s swearing in ceremony at King’s House.

The Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller - Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, Development, Information and Sports.


Dr. Peter Phillips - Finance, Planning & the Public Service

Sen. Arnold Nicholson, Q.C - Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade

Mr. Peter Bunting - National Security

Rev. Ronald Thwaites - Education

Ms Lisa Hanna - Youth and Culture

Mr. Robert Pickersgill - Water, Land, Environment & Climate Change

Dr. Fenton Ferguson - Health

Mr. Anthony Hylton - Industry, Investment & Commerce

Mr. Mark Golding - Justice

Mr. Derrick Kellier - Labour and Social Security

Mr. Noel Arscott - Local Government & Community Development

Dr. Omar Davies - Transport, Works & Housing

Dr. Wykeham McNeil - Tourism & Entertainment

Mr. Phillip Paulwell - Mining, Energy & ICT

Mr. Roger Clarke - Agriculture & Fisheries

Ministers Without Portfolio

Dr. Morais Guy - Transport, Works & Housing (Housing)

Sen. Sandrea Falconer - Office of the Prime Minister (Information)

Mr. Horace Dalley - Finance, Planning & Public Service (Public Service)

Mrs. Natalie Neita-Headley - Office of the Prime Minister (Sports)

Ministers of State

Mr. Arnoldo Brown - Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade

Mrs. Sharon Ffolkes Abrahams - Industry, Investment & Commerce

Mr. Ian Hayles - Agriculture & Fisheries

Mr. Colin Fagan - Local Government & Community Development

Mr. Richard Azan - Transport, Works & Housing

Mr. Damion Crawford - Tourism & Entertainment

Mr. Julian Robinson - Mining, Energy & ICT

Mr. Luther Buchanan - Office of the Prime Minister


Sen. Sandrea Falconer

Sen. Arnold Nicholson

Sen. Mark Golding