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Portia selects 20-member Cabinet

Published:Friday | January 6, 2012 | 1:52 PM

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has selected 19 other ministers to form her Cabinet.

After one hour and nineteen minutes of delay to the start of their swearing-in ceremony at King's House, the 19 members of the Cabinet of Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller have been sworn in.

Simpson Miller has also named eight junior ministers who will serve in her administration.

Cabinet ministers

1. Dr Peter Phillips

2. Peter Bunting

3. Roger Clarke

4. Ronnie Thwaites

5. Lisa Hanna

6. Robert Pickersgill

7. Fenton Ferguson

8. Anthony Hylton

9. Derrick Kellier

10. Noel Arscott

11. Dr Omar Davies

12. Wykeham McNeill

13. Phillip Paulwell,

14. Dr. Morais Guy

15. Horace Dalley

16. Natalie Neita Headley

17. Senator A.J Nicholson,

18. Senator Mark Golding

19. Senator Sandrea Falconer

State ministers

1. Luther Buchanan

2. Arnaldo Brown

3. Sharon Ffolkes Abrahams

4. Ian Hayles

5. Colin Fagan

6. Richard Azan

7. Damion Crawford

8. Julian Robinson

Simpson Miller was critical of the 18-member Cabinet appointed by Prime Minister Bruce Golding after the 2007 general elections saying it was too large.

More details to follow