Sat | Sep 23, 2017

INDECOM wants more resources

Published:Monday | January 9, 2012 | 1:38 PM

Jerome Reynolds, Gleaner Writer

Terrence Williams, the Commissioner of the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) says he will be seeking an early meeting with the new National Security Minister to discuss critical issues.

Williams says INDECOM needs more resources and facilities to effectively carry out its duties.

He also says IDECOM will soon become the sole investigative body to probe incidents where the actions of members of the Security Forces or other agents of the State result in the death or injury of a person.

These responsibilities are currently shared by INDECOM and the Bureau of Special Investigation.

The INDECOM Commissioner says long delays in receiving ballistic and forensic reports from the Forensic Laboratory remains a challenge.

He says INDECOM has a total of 724 cases under investigation.

The INDECOM Commissioner says the investigative body was able to secure the disposal of a total of 92 cases last year.