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5 men wanted by the St. Catherine police

Published:Thursday | January 12, 2012 | 12:12 PM

The St. Catherine North police have listed 5 men as persons of interest in the division.

They are:

• Kenrick Oshane Campbell, otherwise called ‘Worm’, ‘Wormie’ or ‘Odain’

• Ramone Wright, otherwise called ‘Rampus’ or ‘Bulbie’

• Marvin McLeary, otherwise called ‘Shacka’

• Volton Robinson, otherwise called ‘Tony’ or ‘Mascott’

• John Reid, otherwise called ‘John Whiller’ or ‘Orville’

The police say the men are known to frequent communities in Spanish Town and its environs.

They say detectives have made several unsuccessful attempts to contact the men and are now appealing to them to turn themselves in at the Spanish Town Police Station immediately.

In the meantime, anyone knowing the whereabouts of these men is being asked to contact the Spanish Town Police at 984-2305 or call 119.