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Claro customers can transfer numbers to Digicel

Published:Friday | January 13, 2012 | 4:02 PM

Telecommunications provider Digicel Jamaica said that as of next week customers on the Claro network will be able to transfer their telephone numbers to the Digicel system.

The move comes against of the background of Digicel’s decision to shut down the Claro network on March 1.

By porting their numbers to the Digicel network, Claro customers will be able to access a wide range of offers, including the state-of-the-art 4G mobile service which is to be launched soon, Digicel said in a statement earlier today.

Digicel said it would be providing replacement SIM cards to all Claro customers from its network of stores across the island.

“Due to technical incompatibility (as the Claro network operates on a different frequency), some Claro handsets will work on the Digicel network while others will not,” the company said. ‘Digicel’s dealer stores will be able to determine which handsets are compatible and which are not.”

The statement said that while approximately 90 per cent of Claro customers were also Digicel customers - and as such will have Digicel handsets - those who wish to purchase new handsets may do so.

Digicel said it would be communicating with Claro customers directly to inform them what they need to do and when.

Last year, Digicel announced the deal with America Movil to acquire its Claro business in Jamaica, and to sell to America Movil its businesses in El Salvador and Honduras.

In August, then Prime Minister Bruce Golding approved the acquisition, but required that Digicel and Claro continue to operate as separate networks. However, within weeks of his tenure as prime minister, Andrew Holness withdrew the two network requirement.

With that requirement out of the way, Digicel announced it will be shutting down the Claro network to ensure greater efficiency.