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Jamaica Broilers lobbies for ‘wheeling of power’

Published:Tuesday | January 31, 2012 | 2:07 PM

Ian Parsard, vice-president for energy and finance at Jamaica Broilers said the company will be lobbying the newly-elected government for the implementation of 'wheeling of power' as a means to help solve the rising cost of energy in the island.

In the electricity industry, wheeling of power refers to the transporting of electric power between generating facilities and transmission lines, from where it is moved to substations and then distributed to users.

"We will be working with the new minister to expedite this, so I am taking the opportunity of this medium to request speedy action as one strategy in addressing the energy costs in our country," Parsard told participants at the Jamaica Stock Exchange conference at the Pegasus Hotel, New Kingston last week.

Jamaica Broilers operates alongside its chicken processing plant a co-generation operation where it turns bio-waste into electricity for supply to the plant as well as the national grid.

Parsard said that if the government allowed the concept of wheeling of power, that would result in lower electricity costs at the company's feed mill and hatchery while paying a fee for the use of the Jamaica Public Service Company’s distribution lines.

He said the concept of wheeling of power was not new as Jamaica Broilers has been pressing the relevant minister and the Office of Utilities Regulation for years to allow it to be put in place.