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Curfews in effect in St. James communities

Published:Friday | February 3, 2012 | 8:47 AM

Curfews have been imposed in the St. James communities of Hendon in Norwood, Johns Hall and Salt Spring.

The curfews began at 6 p.m. yesterday and are to remain in effect until 6 p.m. tomorrow evening.

In Hendon, Norwood the curfews take in areas bound by Nelly Lane, Columbia Square, Hendon main road and Dakatone Square.

In Johns Hall, the curfew takes in areas bound by Damn Road, Worchester Road and the John’s Hall main road.

In Salt Spring, the boundaries of the curfew are Quarry main road, Top Melbourne Road and Middle Road.

During the hours of the curfews, all persons within the boundaries are required to remain within their premises, unless otherwise aurthorised in writing by the member of the security forces in charge of enforcing the measure.