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Woman buried in house, sister arrested

Published:Monday | February 6, 2012 | 5:12 PM

The St. Catherine South police have arrested a woman in connection with death of her sister 35-year-old Stacey-Ann Smith.

The police said Smith’s body was found buried inside a house in Portsmouth, St. Catherine.

The police were summoned to the house near the Portmore HEART Academy around noon today.

The body was located and the sister of the deceased taken into custody.

Superintendent Clive Blair, of the St. Catherine South Police, said Smith who lived in Landport Way, Portsmouth in Portmore, St Catherine was last seen alive Wednesday.

Smith had returned home from the Cayman Islands three days earlier.

Superintendent Blair said the body was placed inside a ‘crocus’ bag and cemented in the wall.

However, the odour was still overpowering.

Investigators said persons had reported hearing strange sound coming from the yard, however, they ignored it since the house was under construction.