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Tributes flow for Motty

Published:Friday | February 10, 2012 | 3:16 PM

There has been an out-pouring of kind words for Wilmot 'Motty' Perkins since his death this morning.

He had been ailing for a brief period.

Motty was 80 years old

Motty challenged you to think, to assess and reassess your own positions and the quality of your own analysis and I think that will be his enduring legacy. He provoked, he challenged, he was irascible, fine, fine mind

- Cliff Hughes, Nationwide News Network.

Motty was a great crusader for justice and I think this is one of the things that we should remember him for. And he became a very strong advocate for justice, especially for the voiceless.

- Neville James, formerly of KLAS.

What I’d like to remember about Perkins is; he was so honest, he was so outspoken and the values that are common to all decent people, he held them dearly and he did not hesitate in sharing them. He was a champion for the oppressed and underprivileged.

-Frank Phipps, Attorney-at-Law.

One of the things that is critical immediately is to understand that you remove yourself, as he does, from the issue. And he processes, questions, challenges and interrogates the issues as a journalist should from all the different angles. And that no one is beyond being held to account and that whatever is in the public interest ought to be placed before the public.

- Gary Allen, RJR Communications Group.

There are a lot of Jamaicans who depended on Motty to give the real side or to interpret the current issues and it is going to be hard to measure up to the worth of this man, but I am sure he has provided inspiration for journalists all over Jamaica to continue the good work that they do.

-Christopher Barnes, Managing Director, The Gleaner Company.

We can all be comforted by the fact that Motty was certainly a light for us to follow. He was an example and he did what most of us should do which is encourage debate about the issues in our society. He certainly kept those alive and he was an icon in that area. And his discussions they were about challenging people, challenging the actions and the statements of our leaders.

- Minister with responsibility for Information, Sandrea Falconer.

A giant of the local media over several decades Perkins was as feisty as he was argumentative. His influence on developments in Jamaica as a talk show host, reporter, editor and columnist cannot be overstated. Perkins, for years, gave a voice to the voiceless and could be depended on to champion the cause of the oppressed and the victimized at all times.

- Press Association of Jamaica.

“Whether you are JLP, PNP or no P at all, I tell you, I miss him, I’ve been crying from morning, but sympathy to his loving wife. I just hope his soul will rest in peace”.

- Caller, Perkins On Line on Power 106 FM

“Mr. Perkins, put mi a mi bed and him wake mi up, trust mi. Mr. Perkins is a man weh him nuh negative and him no cut off nobody if you say something him don’t like, him just laugh. Dem man deh nu disrespect people”.

- Caller, Perkins On Line on Power 106 FM

“As a ghetto man Mr. Perkins fight fi wi all the time I can simply call Mr. Perkins anytime and fight fi ghetto youth like mi everyday, him talk and defend wi everyday”.

- Caller, Perkins On Line on Power 106 FM