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Digicel rebuts LIME

Published:Wednesday | February 15, 2012 | 7:16 PM

Telecommunications company, Digicel, is accusing its competitor, LIME, of seeking to misrepresent facts about discussions taking place between Jamaica’s telecoms companies and the government.

It says LIME’s claims to have only met with technology minister, Phillip Paulwell, is untrue.

In fact, Digicel says on February 7 there was a meeting in which both LIME and Digicel were present and certain aspects of the fixed line to mobile rate were explained.

The latest round of claims and counterclaims between the telecoms companies follows yesterday’s announced by Paulwell that agreement has been reached with Digicel, Flow and LIME on three areas of concern to the telecoms sector.

That announcement was followed by a media release in which LIME said no concrete agreement had been reached.

Later, Paulwell told the media that an entire deal is yet to be completed among the telecoms parties, but that consensus had been reached on broad areas.

But in a statement this afternoon, Digicel questioned whether LIME was purposefully seeking to discredit the Government in an effort to pursue its own gains.

In the meantime, Digicel has accused LIME of seeking to misinform the public about the number of subscribers to its network.

Digicel says LIME claims to have 380,000 mobile subscribers of which 290,000 are active.

But Digicel says it has credible evidence that LIME has more than 500,000 subscribers.