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Jamaica among ‘best places’ for women

Published:Tuesday | March 6, 2012 | 9:40 AM

Damion Mitchell, News Editor

The Gleaner/Power 106 News Centre

Ahead of International Women’s Day on Thursday, British-based newspaper The Independent has named the 20 ‘best places’ to be a woman for one reason or another and Jamaica is among the countries listed.

According to The Independent, a survey it carried out revealed that Jamaica is the ‘best place’ for women in high-skilled jobs.

The Independent story, does not explain the method of the survey but says Jamaica has the highest ratio of women in high-skilled jobs, like legislators, senior officials and managers.

The UK is ranked 35th in this category, with Yemen coming last since women take up only two per cent of high-skilled jobs there.

The Bahamas holds the top spot globally for economic participation and opportunity for women.

The Independent says The Bahamas has closed its gender gap by 91 per cent in the past six years.

Meanwhile, The Caribbean has been rated as the ‘best place’ for a woman to be a journalist.

The Independent survey said the highest proportion of 45 per cent of TV, print and radio news stories are reported by women in the Caribbean.

However, the United States is regarded as the ‘best place’ for a woman to be an athlete since five of the top 10 highest-paid female sporting athletes in 2011 were from the US.

The worst country was Saudi Arabia which has never sent a female athlete to the Olympics and bans girls from sports in state schools.

Overall, Iceland is deemed the best place to be a woman.

The Independent said this is because Iceland has the greatest equality between men and women, taking into account politics, education, and employment and health indicators.