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Probe continues into Jody-Ann Gray shooting

Published:Saturday | April 7, 2012 | 6:29 PM

The St Catherine South Police say the man who is being held in connection with the attempted murder of broadcaster Jody-Ann Gray, has already faced one round of questioning by police investigators.

However, Senior Superintendent Colin Pinnock, who heads the St Catherine South Police Division, declined to say whether criminal charges are pending.

Pinnock says the investigation is still ongoing and the man could face another round of questioning soon.

The man who is also a broadcaster, was taken into custody minutes after Gray was shot three times as she was about to enter her home in Portmore, St Catherine, on Wednesday.

He was held along with two other men as they attempted to escape in a car the police say was also registered to his wife.

Gray was seven months pregnant and it is believed that the married father of two was the child’s father.

Senior Superintendent Pinnock says one of the other two suspects has also been questioned.

However, he says there are several things to be undertaken before the investigation is completed.

Meanwhile, Senior Superintendent Pinnock declined to say whether measures have been put in place to protect Miss Gray.

He, however, confirmed that she remains in hospital in stable condition.

Miss Gray is recuperating from surgery to remove one of the bullets that was lodged in her throat.